Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 3.38.38 PMI’m Deanry. I’m a UI/UX engineer. I like driving cars. This is a place where I assess the entire spectrum of the driver experience. From UI/UX infotainment systems in cars, car gadgets, suspension modifications, to anything that would affect a driver’s involvement. I’m not a pro race driver, but an aspiring autocrosser and track day enthusiast, that’s always receptive to instruction to make me faster.

Here you can follow my journey into the automotive world as a content creator, racer, writer, and self made entrepreneur.

I drive a 2016 Ford Focus RS in BS class at my local autocross club. I have a couple tracks under my belt but still have a bucket list of tracks I want to run. I can turn a wrench, polish paint, and hard park like no other. I am currently training to become a tri-athlete.